The United States (US) Government has deemed Russia responsible for violating international law by using chemical weapons against its own nationals in the UK. With this declaration, the US has unleashed, and is threatening further, sanctions against Russia. Can they bring forth change in US – Russia dynamic?


The Qatar diplomatic crisis which began in June 2017 had negatively affected Qatar’s economy. However, it has weathered the blockade and welcomed financial recovery. Moreover, Doha has been expanding its portfolio of geopolitical and economic partners, signaling a new era of its global engagement.

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In yet another sign of the US’ waning global leadership role on the Iran nuclear deal, the EU, Russia and China have set up an alternate payment mechanism called the Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV as a means to bypass any additional US sanctions.


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US cyber policy is shedding the overly-careful approach favored during the Obama era. While this carries an increased risk of escalation, it’s nonetheless necessary in a cyber arena of bad actors and poorly-defined norms.