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Emil Graesholm, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder.

Emil GræsholmEmil is head of section at the Danish Department of Defence on political economy. He is also an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, teaching political risk analysis. He has previously worked as a research assistant with the Centre of Governance and Human Rights, University of Cambridge, on governance and public policy, and at the Institute of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, on issues of political risk of finance and trade. Emil has also worked for a public policy think tank and as project manager for the Global Poverty Project. A board member of the Network for Political Economy, Emil holds a master’s degree with distinction in International Relations from the London School of Economics and a BA Honours in Politics from University of Cambridge.

Basim Al-Ahmadi, Chief Relations Officer and co-founder.

Basim is a thought leader and political risk consultant. Basim is a regular speaker at conferences and universities around the world. He managed the Middle East practice at a leading business intelligence firm in London, assisting financial institutions and multinationals through the political risk and compliance landscape of the MENA region. He was also previously Editor of Bonds & Loans, a leading debt market publication based in London, read by bankers, investors and lawyers worldwide. Basim achieved a First Class Honours in Politics with International Relations from the University of York. He subsequently obtained his Masters in International History from the London School of Economics (LSE). At LSE he was the President and co-founder of the LSE Political Risk & Investment Society, which has since won the LSE SU Bronze Stars Award. Basim has signed with the speaking agency, Chartwell Speakers, to represent his speaking engagements worldwide. 


Alisa Lockwood, Strategic Adviser and Executive Editor.

alisa lockwoodAlisa has more than 13 years of experience in political risk, having begun her career at a political risk start-up, Exclusive Analysis, and most recently spent five years Head of Europe/CIS Country Risk at IHS Global, where she advised major corporate and government clients on political and security risks in the region. Alisa managed a team of 8 in-house and 50 remote analysts, responsible for producing risk ratings, commercially-relevant forecasts and bespoke reports. She also led the development of IHS’ counterparty risk assessment product and oversaw global investigations. Alisa’s commentary has frequently appeared in the media, including Bloomberg, CNBC and Sky News. She has lived in Canada, France, the UK, and Russia, where she worked at the European External Action Service in Moscow. She has served as GRI’s Editor-in-Chief and continues to work closely with the editorial team.


Editorial Team

Rachael Rhoades, Editor-in-Chief.

Rachael is currently reading a PhD in Government and International Affairs at the University of Durham. Her areas of expertise include American and European Politics, international organizations and international security. Her research interests include procedures of the international criminal justice system and their impact on international relations. Rachael also holds a Masters with Distinction in International Relations from the University of Durham and a BA in Political Science and History from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Ed Vickers, Editor.

Ed graduated from the University of Nottingham having studied Politics and International Relations, where he specialised in counterterrorism theory and security studies. With a research area interest in covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) and their operational uses within CT ops, Ed also offers areas of expertise in contemporary geopolitics and associated security dynamics, European politics and organized crime.


Ryan Chan, Editor.

Ryan is a postgraduate student reading an MA in International Peace and Security at King’s College London. He also holds a BA in History and International Relations from King’s. He regularly edits for Global Risk Insights and the King’s Think Tank’s Defence & Diplomacy Policy Centre. His research interests include Chinese foreign policy, Russian foreign policy, East Asian and international security.

Petros Petrikkos, Editor.

Petros Petrikkos is a political analyst and researcher. He holds an MSc in Conflict Studies from the LSE and a BA in International Relations from Queen Mary, University of London. He regularly edits for GRI and is also an Associate Analyst for Geopolitical Cyprus. He has focused on issues pertaining to the Middle East, International Relations and security, as well as political intelligence. He has conducted fieldwork around the Eastern Mediterranean and has published with academic and non-academic journals.

William Charnley, Editor.

William Charnley holds a joint honours degree in History and Publishing from Bath Spa University. Since graduating William has worked on a number of publications, acquiring a research interest in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and security issues.

Social Media, Marketing & Outreach

Maysoon Al-Ahmadi, Social Media Strategist.

Maysoon is currently studying for her GDL legal qualifications at City University. She has experience working for the auction giants, Christies and at RightNow Digital, a political news platform. Maysoon holds a BSc in International Politics with a First Class Honours, and has completed law programmes at Yale and Cornell.

Jeffrey Moore, Brand Ambassador.

Jeff Moore is the founder of Moore Insight, a specialised risk consulting firm. He has worked as senior political reporter for the North State Journal, a statewide news media company in North Carolina, as well as a contributor for GRI on economic and capital market risks. Jeff frequently appears in the media representing GRI and as Brand Ambassador, is building the company’s media presence. He started his career as an intra-day equity trader, trading through the extreme news-driven volatility of the 2008 financial crisis, before becoming a policy advisor in the North Carolina Office of Governor and N.C. Department of Commerce. He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.