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Emil Graesholm, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder.

Emil GræsholmEmil is head of section at the Danish Department of Defence on political economy. He is also an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, teaching political risk analysis. He has previously worked as a research assistant with the Centre of Governance and Human Rights, University of Cambridge, on governance and public policy, and at the Institute of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, on issues of political risk of finance and trade. Emil has also worked for a public policy think tank and as project manager for the Global Poverty Project. A board member of the Network for Political Economy, Emil holds a master’s degree with distinction in International Relations from the London School of Economics and a BA Honours in Politics from University of Cambridge.

Basim Al-Ahmadi, Chief Relations Officer and co-founder.

Basim is a political risk consultant and Middle East specialist. He is the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Consultant at a business intelligence firm based in London. He assists financial institutions and multinationals through the political risk and compliance landscape of the MENA region. Basim has spoken at various conferences and universities around the world on the political risks in the Middle East. He was also previously Editor of Bonds & Loans, a leading debt market publication based in London, read by bankers, investors and lawyers worldwide. Basim achieved a First Class Honours in Politics with International Relations from the University of York. He subsequently obtained his Masters in International History from the London School of Economics (LSE). At LSE he was the President and co-founder of the LSE Political Risk & Investment Society.


Alisa Lockwood, Strategic Adviser.

alisa lockwoodAlisa has more than 13 years of experience in political risk, having begun her career at a political risk start-up, Exclusive Analysis, and most recently spent five years Head of Europe/CIS Country Risk at IHS Global, where she advised major corporate and government clients on political and security risks in the region. Alisa managed a team of 8 in-house and 50 remote analysts, responsible for producing risk ratings, commercially-relevant forecasts and bespoke reports. She also led the development of IHS’ counterparty risk assessment product and oversaw global investigations. Alisa’s commentary has frequently appeared in the media, including Bloomberg, CNBC and Sky News. She has lived in Canada, France, the UK, and Russia, where she worked at the European External Action Service in Moscow. She has served as GRI’s Editor-in-Chief and continues to work closely with the editorial team.

Editorial Management

Jacob Purcell, Acting Editor-in-Chief.

Jacob Purcell is a political risk analyst. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago, and obtained his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Arkansas where he triple majored in International Relations, Political Science, and Economic, triple minored in French, History, and Classical Studies, and graduated magna cum laude. He has also written a variety of articles for GRI, primarily focusing on the Middle East and Security issues.

Robyn Kelly-Meyrick, Managing Editor.

Robyn Kelly-MeyrickOriginally from Oxford, Robyn currently works at Metabolic, a sustainability consultancy based in Amsterdam. She holds an MSc in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam, and a BA in International Relations from the University of Sussex. As an undergraduate she studied Japanese, and spent a term abroad at the International Christian University in Tokyo. Her studies have focused on East Asian politics, and particularly on economic and social development in Japan and China.

Editorial Team

Gwen Schwartz, Senior Editor.

Gwen works with a smart phone startup called Dream Mobile and assists the company with branding, web graphics, and copy-writing. Last fall, she worked in the creative department of a public relations firm in Boston, MA, while working for a legal placement agency. Next fall, Gwen will be working part-time for the Vancouver Economic Commission building a web platform that will serve as part of the Commission’s ongoing redevelopment project. Gwen is currently pursuing a Masters of Digital Media at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. She holds a BA in Art History from Georgetown University.

Chiara Maggi, Editor.

Chiara studied Law and has a keen interest in European and Public Affairs. Her passions include learning languages and keeping myself updated on the international politics, especially as far as Iran is concerned, but not exclusively. Chiara founded a popular Facebook group about Italy in Persian, aiming to help Iranians living in Italy. Chiara enjoys getting acquainted with new cultures and having a positive impact.

Malvika Singh, Editor.

Malvika is an analyst specialising in the political economy of developing countries. She has previously worked at NITI Aayog, the official think-tank of the Indian Government, and as a campaign assistant to Members of Parliament during national elections. She holds an MSc in Comparative Politics with a specialisation in Political Economy from the London School of Economics and a BA Honours in Politics from the University of Nottingham.

Special Products

Luke Iott, Senior Editor, The Week Ahead.

Luke currently works as an international development professional. He has extensive project experience in financial services and enterprise development across Europe, Asia and Africa. Luke holds a BA in international relations, cum laude, from Georgetown University and is particularly interested in the intersection of science, technology and international affairs. He is proficient in French, German, Spanish and Mandarin.

Social Media, Marketing & Outreach

Alicia Chavy, Partnerships and Recruitment Manager.

Alicia ChavyAlicia Chavy is currently pursuing a Master’s in Security Studies at Georgetown University. She previously worked at Kroll for a few years, where she provided compliance and due diligence support in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese for Fortune 500 companies. She developed an expertise on a wide range of political, business, and security risks, including corruption, OFAC sanction violations, securities fraud, money laundering, and terrorism-related activities. Before Kroll, Alicia provided security, emergency response, analytical and strategic support for governmental and law enforcement agencies and Fortune 500 companies at The Rendon Group and The Asia Group. Prior to her consulting experience, Alicia worked at non profit organizations where she conducted detailed assessments on foreign policy, security and economic issues in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Alicia Chavy graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, earning a Bachelor of Science in International Politics.

Jack Anderson, Head of Social Media.

Jack Anderson is a consultant active in natural resources, transaction advisory and foreign affairs. His past and current clients include several Fortune 100 companies, trade associations, and multinational financial institutions. Jack previously worked in private equity, has twice filled National Security Council Staff roles for US government war gaming scenarios and is a US State Department Critical Language Scholar. He is an alumnus of Washington & Lee University, where he studied Geopolitics of Central Asia. Jack lives in Washington, DC and speaks Azerbaijani, Turkish and Spanish.

Jeffrey Moore, Brand Ambassador.

Jeff Moore is the founder of Moore Insight, a specialised risk consulting firm. He has worked as senior political reporter for the North State Journal, a statewide news media company in North Carolina, as well as a contributor for GRI on economic and capital market risks. Jeff frequently appears in the media representing GRI and as Brand Ambassador, is building the company’s media presence. He started his career as an intra-day equity trader, trading through the extreme news-driven volatility of the 2008 financial crisis, before becoming a policy advisor in the North Carolina Office of Governor and N.C. Department of Commerce. He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.