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GRI seeks to redefine political risk for the 21st century. 

Fresh perspectives and diverse voices

Ever-increasing connectedness and complexity are among the defining characteristics of the modern age. From a political risk perspective, connectedness means that social movements propagate faster – and so does instability. Shifts in public opinion are more dramatic, and political outcomes less predictable. Connectedness also implies that many of the challenges faced by governments span across borders. And for GRI, it means that a 21st century approach to political risk can’t be restricted to the nation state. Traditional state-centric analysis is of course still important – but transnational and global issues, how governments are addressing them, and the regulatory and other impacts, must also feature. Our network of over 300 young, dynamic analysts, that are the best and brightest in their fields, means that we are prepared to understand this complex, information age, and have a network of thinkers that grasp the nuances of this world. 


Risk analysis needs to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation that dominates our tech-enabled economy. We’re always looking for new ways to put cutting-edge technology and data in the service of good analysis – with partnerships like Future Generator and Risk Pulse. We also recognise that the Fourth Industrial Revolution carries huge implications for the nature of political risk itself. We seek to produce analysis that examines this transformation, on topics like emerging technologies, internet privacy, blockchain, and cyber threats.


Raise your hand if you have more than one tab open in your browser right now. The 21st century reader is overwhelmed with information, and time is a luxury. So we see it as our duty to get to the point. GRI filters out the noise to bring you the most important insights of the day, in a concise, engaging format – maybe even with a bit of humour thrown in, too. We want our analysis to be clear, straightforward, and above all, an informative and enjoyable read. Because we value your time as much as you do.


A healthy political system produces good citizens, and vice versa, but these days the gap between government and governed is widening. We believe that our work can help redress the balance, by shining a light of objectivity, expert insight, and critical thinking on political issues. We have no corporate agenda, so we can tell it like it is. We’re independent, so we don’t have to shy away from the tough questions.

Our analysis goes beyond conventional notions of risk to look at human rights, the environment, and Under the Radar issues. Our Power Brokers segment highlights political risk influencers who are having a positive impact. Fundamentally, we believe that an understanding of risk not only helps our readers make better strategic decisions, but it’s also a step towards building a better world. Which is why we want everyone to have equal access to our analysis – from big companies, to small businesses, to individuals.