Our values

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What sets us apart: our values

We believe in the youth

We truly believe that the new generation of best and the brightest political scientists are strongly positioned to advise a global audience on how the world works. The young are less constrained by tradition, or bound to mainstream ideas, and are passionate in exploring overlooked topics and themes. Moreover, they have a strong understanding of this social media age, and the interaction between technology, society and economics.

We go beyond the mainstream

Whether it is legislation affecting foreign investment in Myanmar, a political transition in Mozambique, or the safety of global sea routes, we provide thorough insights on important developments typically under-reported by mainstream media. Often, we lead the way – a great recent example was the large number of major news outlets quoting our article on Xi Jinping and the “Winne-the-Pooh dissidents” – in 2018, three years after we broke this story. We pride ourselves on looking for risk and opportunities where others have not. To be competitive in today’s global economy, businesses and investors need a truly global perspective that reaches the most remote corners of the world. 

We are completely transparent

Everything we do is right here, in our online archive – not being fed through a ‘black box’. So you can always judge us on our results. Through rigorous research and analysis our global team of experts has been able to correctly predict critical political risk events around the world. From a coup in Thailand to the successful completion of the Iran nuclear deal to the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Hamas, GRI analysts have leveraged local expertise and world-class training to alert our readers to significant international developments well before they occur.

We look for the silver lining

Political risk analysis is typically associated with negative events. Most political risk firms are solely focused on helping businesses and investors avoid losses stemming from political events. We believe they are missing half the puzzle. Developments such as new investment laws, changing government spending patterns, or improved security situations can lead to significant profits for those well-placed to take advantage of them. By highlighting opportunities, in addition to risks, our readers are positioned to benefit from important developments around the world.