Special Reports

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GRI Special Reports are in-depth, long-form publications on key issues in political risk and global affairs. 

Russia’s Energy Sector: Evaluating Import Substitution

russia import substitution reform energyDue to Western sanctions, Russian energy companies were banned
from using Western technology for deepwater, Arctic offshore and
shale exploration.

Lacking homegrown technologies, the Russian energy sector
pivoted to Asia and started using equipment and services from
China, South Korea and Japan.

At the same time, the government launched a localisation
programme that aimed to replace Western technology and develop
domestic manufacturing.

After three years, the success of the import substitution programme is mixed.

This special report looks at Russian energy companies’ response to Western sanctions and
their pivot to the Asia-Pacific and assesses the progress of import substitution over
the last three years.

Enjoy your own copy by downloading the PDF here.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Risk Insights

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a sprawling undertaking
with potentially enormous implications for China’s geopolitical
power and influence in the region, as well as for the domestic
affairs of its partner countries.

Aiming to address the shortage of simple, clear analysis
on the subject, China’s Belt and Road: Risk Insights highlights key
BRI projects and their attendant political risks.

Download the report here.