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GRI was founded at the London School of Economics (LSE) by four then-graduate students seeking to revolutionize political risk. We saw an industry that was stuck in traditional approaches, and was not accessible to all market players, especially small businesses and investors. So we set out to bring the political risk industry into the 21st century by creating new, cutting-edge approaches and ensuring our analysis is accessible to all businesses, small or large – from start-ups, investment firms to multinationals.

Global Risk Insights (GRI) is now a world-leading publication for political risk news and analysis. Our aim is to bring the political risk industry into the 21st century by making it more innovative and accessible. Our global network of experts provides cutting-edge analysis on political events shaping business, economic, and investment climates in every corner of the world. We help businesses and individuals stay ahead of the competition by illuminating unseen risks and highlighting undiscovered opportunities.

We are at the forefront of innovation in our industry – we’ve pioneered a unique political forecasting methodology called Future Generator that combines big data analytics with human intelligence.

We have a growing network of more than 300 analysts who embody our 21st century ethos – they are entrepreneurial in spirit, global in perspective and local in expertise. Our team includes current and former presidential advisors, intelligence officers, financiers, industry consultants, and journalists. Their work for GRI is frequently referenced by leading think-tanks, financial institutions, military generals, former foreign ministers and leading media outlets, including BBC World, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, TIME Magazinand many others. 


“We can count on GRI for commentary that is timely, relevant and insightful. They get behind the headlines to provide thoughtful analysis on what is really going on and what it means.”

-Kerim Derhalli, CEO & Founder of Invstr, Former Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank

“GRI has quickly become a serious player in assessing risks and opportunities for investors….it must be read every day.”

-Carl Delfeld, President of ASEAN Council & former U.S. representative on the Asian Development Bank Executive Board of Directors under President George H.W.Bush

“In an era where the world seems dominated by risk and uncertainty, it is reassuring to have a place where the reporting is balanced, thorough and global. Global Risk Insights has become for me a go-to source for thinking and information on current events as well as a key source of intelligent and perceptive analysis.”

-Dr. Rebecca Harding, CEO of Equant Analytics, former Chief Economist of the British Bankers Association & former head of Corporate Research at Deloitte.

“Global affairs are more complicated than ever and change faster than ever. This makes the work of Global Risk Insights an invaluable resource. Born at the LSE, it brings top level insights to political change, public policy, and business.”

-Craig Calhoun, President of the Berggruen Institute, Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics (LSE) and former Director and President of the LSE.

“Global Risk Insights is a unique publication. Dealing with economic, geostrategic and political issues, it provides trustworthy, inspiring and first-hand analyses worth reading before taking action.”

-Nicholas Tenzer, leading French writer, academic and former high-ranking government official

“Global Risk Insights is an invaluable source of incisive and insightful analyses on political risk and international affairs. A must read for policymakers, business leaders, journalists and academics.”

– Dr. Mohan Malik, widely published China expert, author and professor.

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