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Latin America Politics

Facing an economic decline, challenges lie ahead for Bolivia

Although the subnational election results in March confirm MAS’s overall leadership in Bolivia, the close call serves as a reminder that MAS needs to do more to strengthen their control. 

Europe Politics

Can a new Prime Minister bring the rebound Finland needs?

Finland’s Prime Minister-elect Juha Sipilä has the difficult task of forming a new government, but he is determined to create a small, efficient coalition that can push through with quick

Asia Pacific Security

Myanmar’s Kokang rebels threaten trade with China

A growing ethnic insurgency along Myanmar’s border with China is presenting a host of problems for the country. Ethnic Chinese Kokang rebels have resumed their conflict in the country’s northeast,

Middle East/North Africa Politics

Iran’s pilgrimage boycott threatens more than Saudi tourism revenues

Iran’s cancellation of pilgrimage flights to Saudi Arabia is an indication of deteriorating relations, using lucrative religious tourism as a foreign policy tool. The moves by Tehran come in wake of

Finance Latin America

Foreign MNCs face trapped assets in Venezuela

Foreign multinational corporations in Venezuela are faced with rapidly decreasing profit margins amidst strict capital controls and mounting inflation. Given incentives to maintain the status quo, the government is unlikely

Asia Pacific Economics

AIIB membership is about business, not politics

Following Beijing’s announcement on April 15th, 57 nations will become founding members of the AIIB. With around $100 billion already earmarked for the bank, many countries joined based on the opportunity

Economics Latin America

The Cuban economy: not yet open for business

Decisive gestures of reconciliation after a half century of tension between the US and Cuba were at the spotlight of the VII Summit of the Americas held in Panama City

Economics Middle East/North Africa

Can Israel become the world’s next tech capital?

The dissolution of the Soviet Union led to a rapid influx of Jewish immigration, with no fewer than 1.6 million new residents settling in Israel. Many had been trained in engineering and

Politics Sub-Saharan Africa

Will electoral, social tensions threaten stability in Togo?

After a delay, Togo’s presidential election will occur on April 25th, 2015. President Faure Gnassingbé is widely expected to win, whereas the opposition is struggling to propose an alternative to

Middle East/North Africa Politics

Not just a proxy war: Yemen’s strategic importance

Yemen is a relatively small, poor, and remote country. However, recent airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition against the advancing Houthi rebels have highlighted the strategic importance of this country.  When