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Future Generator

Master Sentiment. Maximize Profits.

The Future Generator is a unique and cutting-edge approach to forecasting media sentiment, developed by a partnership between Global Risk Insights (GRI) and Ethnographic Edge (EE). The aim is to forecast media sentiment towards a country’s political environment, which in turn has an impact on trading and investments. Our forecasts will give readers more lead time and context to leverage market opportunities.

Future Generator insights are available through articles published on an ad-hoc basis. All readers can access the content free of charge. Future Generator articles will feature on the GRI website and in the weekly newsletter – the GRI Risk Briefing

How it works


The Future Generator methodology relies on a combination of two powerful tools in forecasting media sentiment towards a country’s political environment: local human intelligence + data analytics.

Global Risk Insights, the world’s leading political risk publication, provides the human intelligence. GRI has more than 300 analysts located around the world, with extensive local expertise.

Ethnographic Edge provides the data analytics, employing a highly sophisticated data application that scans millions of web sources in a matter of seconds and identifies changing media sentiment towards a political topic over time. Studies have shown that media sentiment towards a country provides a strong indicator to how a country’s political environment is faring.

Media sentiment has a significant impact on equity markets, commodity prices and economies. By knowing how media sentiment towards country X might develop over the coming month, it becomes possible to anticipate how markets might move.

By detecting repeating patterns and past turning points, the EE app provides projections to how media sentiment will develop in the future, giving us the ability to forecast, for instance, whether media sentiment towards a particular country will improve over the next month. 

GRI critically assesses and provides analytical context to EE’s data findings.

The result is the perfect pairing of tested data analytics with a proven track-record in predictions – combined with elite human intelligence from world leading experts – to provide you with a forecast that will give you the ultimate edge.

About GRI and EE

1Global Risk Insights is a world leading publication providing political risk analysis for the business community. GRI has a team of over 300 analysts located around the world, including former presidential advisors, diplomats and professors. GRI is widely referenced, including by former foreign ministers, distinguished military generals and media outlets, such as BBC World, The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine and many others.

Ethnographic Edge is a project developed by Dr. Eduardo Zachary Albrecht to objectively quantify and track delogo 2 eevelopments in international politics. The project uses a combination of online media sentiment analysis and automated heuristic devices in order to identify recurring patterns and develop leading indicators. Political developments are monitored using a line graph that charts positive/negative sentiment in the media. Web intelligence and sentiment analysis tools is provided by Recorded Future.