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Natural resources and energy South and Central Asia

India’s systemic water crisis: Political and economic risks loom large

An ongoing Indian dispute over the Cauvery river is indicative of the broad and growing water crisis facing India.

Asia Pacific Security

Special Report: Who are the Uyghurs and why do they scare China?

Beijing has turned the Uyghurs into the boogeyman of Central Asia, and the focus of its Central Asian security framework, creating the SCO in the process. A special report by GRI Senior Analyst Jeremy Luedi.

International Politics The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Brazil forges anti-Venezuela consensus. Third Spanish election looms. Presidential debates continue. Conservatives take on Brexit. IMF and World Bank meet.

Asia Pacific Politics

China and the glass ceiling of diplomatic sophistication

The diplomatic sophistication of the People’s Republic of China is evident, but recent incidents are a reminder that this behavior is situational.