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Who We Are:

Global Risk Insights is a world-leading publication for political risk news and analysis. Our aim is to bring the political risk industry into the 21st century. Our global network of experts provide cutting-edge analysis on political events shaping business, economic, and investment climates in every corner of the world. We help businesses and individuals stay ahead of the competition by illuminating unseen risks and highlighting undiscovered opportunities.

Our Story:

GRI was founded at the London School of Economics by four then graduate students seeking to revolutionize the political risk industry. We set out bring the political risk industry into the 21st century by providing accessible, online and innovative analysis. Political events ranging from new laws to revolution to changes in government spending have dramatic impacts on business and economic activity. Until GRI, political risk analysis lacked innovation and the industry was the exclusive domain of closed-door, expensive consultancies. Our goal was to inject innovative into the industry and make our analysis accessible to all businesses – from small businesses, retail investors to multinationals.

We now have a global network of over 160 analysts who embody our 21st century ethos – they are entrepreneurial in spirit, global in perspective and local in expertise. Our team includes current and former presidential advisors, intelligence officers, financiers, industry consultants, and journalists. These analysts appear regularly on television and radio news programs and as guest speakers at international conferences. Their work for GRI is frequently referenced by the world’s largest media outlets including BBC World, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine and many others. 

What Sets Us Apart:

We Cover Critical Stories Overlooked By Major Media Outlets

Whether it is legislation affecting foreign investment in Myanmar, a political transition in Mozambique, or the safety of global sea routes, we provide thorough insights on important developments typically under-reported by mainstream media outlets. We pride ourselves on finding seemingly hidden trends by looking for risk and opportunities where others have not. To be competitive in today’s interconnected global economy, businesses and investors need a truly global perspective that reaches the most remote corners of the world.

We Provide In-Depth, Analytical, and Actionable Analysis

In an era of rapidly shifting political risks mere headlines and summaries are not enough. Businesses and investors require clear-eyed analysis and rigorous research. GRI delivers just that. Our extensive network of experts and on the ground presence enables us to read between the lines and provide highly analytical coverage. We won’t just tell you what happened, we will help you make sense of it and act on it.

We Have A Proven Track-Record of Correctly Predicting Important Global Events

Through rigorous research and analysis our global team of experts has been able to correctly predict critical political risk events around the world. From a coup in Thailand to the successful completion of the Iran nuclear deal to the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Hamas, GRI analysts have leveraged local expertise and world-class training to alert our readers to significant international developments well before they occur.

We Cover Opportunities as well as Risks

Political risk analysis is typically associated with negative events. Most political risk firms are solely focused on helping businesses and investors avoid losses stemming from political events. We believe they are missing half the puzzle. Developments such as new investment laws, changing government spending patterns, or improved security situations can lead to significant profits for those well-placed to take advantage of them. By highlighting opportunities, in addition to risks, our readers are positioned to benefit from important developments around the world.

How To Contact Us:

For information on contributing to GRI please visit our Write For Us page.

For press or media enquiries please email [email protected].

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