Friday round-up highlighting the news and commentary of the week:

Meet the companies cashing in on china’s pollution crisis [Global Risk Insights]

China’s out of control smog problem is fast becoming viewed as a business opportunity. We’ve already seen fresh air dealers and smog inspired fashion- now tech companies are eager for a piece of the pie.

Officials say China’s love of smoked meat is contributing to its dangerous smog [VICE]

In the same vein as Beijing’s unpopular crackdowns on outdoor barbeques, Dazhou in Sichuan Province is taking measures to stop outdoor meat smoking as it apparently contributes to the city’s pollution problem.

Beijing to shut 2500 firms this year to fight pollution  [REUTERS]

Beijing has announced that 2500 small industries will be closed to fight pollution in the city’s central districts. The impact of this move is hard to calculate as the firms involved could include anything from garages to restaurants to hotels.

Beijing to take major steps to wipe out coal [China Daily]

In another huge move against the capital’s air pollution, the China Daily announced that Xicheng and Dongcheng Districts are already coal free, while six main districts in Beijing will be coal-free by 2020.

Parts of London have air pollution as bad as Beijing's [Global Post]

Beijing has become a benchmark against which awful pollution problems are measured, but surprisingly, parts of London rival the Chinese capital for poor air quality, according to think tank Policy Exchange